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Professional primary care for receiving and distributing calls

Don't be distracted by calls and free up your employees for more important tasks!

  • We will process 100% of incoming calls
  • Let’s connect IVR (voice menu system)
  • We will distribute it among your specialists and departments
  • We optimize telephone communication with clients

In 15 minutes there will be answers to all your questions

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Can you not afford a full-time professional who will respond to calls and messages? “Virtual secretary” is a service for you. The service is suitable for companies that do not have a permanent spacious office and sales staff are often on the road.

Setting up a virtual call-center is most acute for fast growing companies and enterprises implementing short-term and long-term business projects.

Virtual secretary is a service that saves money for the head of the company, because he will not have to create jobs, pay wages and taxes. Services of the virtual secretary provide the simplest and most effective way to strengthen the company’s image, thus providing  the company’s management an opportunity to focus on strategic business development.

The service “virtual call-center” will cost less than you would spend on the salary to real secretary. This offer from the company “Digital technologies” will allow you to forget the anxiety about the missed calls of customers and to devote yourself to the main work.

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Virtual office is a new step for your business

Advantages of a virtual office with the secretary:

  • All incoming calls are handled by a previously coordinated scenario. In the eyes of customers, your company looks more attractive – because the calls are always taken by a friendly secretary, who quickly switches the call to the right person, if necessary.
  • Virtual sales office can work 24/7 both weekdays and weekends. Save on payments for recycling and do not miss the customers who can call at any time.
  • You always have detailed statistics of the virtual office. You will know what questions your customers ask most often, what goods are in special demand, etc.

Connecting the Virtual Office will make it possible to receive faxes through the Internet. This type of connection does not require a traditional phone line – you get a virtual phone number where your customers will be able to send a fax. Incoming fax messages can also be handled by a virtual secretary. Connected Virtual Office will allow your company to have free and accessible communication line for the customers, consider customer wishes in running the business, keep record of all calls and incoming messages and related statistics. This is a wonderful method to make you geographically independent – operators can easily relocate from city to city while the phone and fax will be accessible to customers because of the Virtual Office.

Virtual call-center - optimal solution for the developing business

Virtual call-center is a software package that allows you to quickly and cost-effectively increase the amount of interactive communication with customers.

The main advantage of a virtual center – the possibility of a complete and high-quality processing of incoming calls and emails without the necessity to buy expensive equipment and without setting of stationary workplaces for employees.

Are you interested in fruitful cooperation with “Digital technologies”? Do you need more information about our services? Please contact us by phone, and the operator will help you with any question and tell you about our rates.

Grow your business with our services! We will help you to succeed!

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