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High-quality telemarketing with high conversion for your business

Increase your sales with our telephone marketing!

  • We will select a fresh and relevant contact database
  • We will study your product or service in detail
  • Let’s prepare a unique speech module
  • We will instantly transfer the contacts of interested parties

In 15 minutes there will be answers to all your questions

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Telemarketing is one of the most widely used method of modern marketers. Its essence is to increase sales during telephone communication.

Telemarketing is divided into incoming and outgoing. Incoming telemarketing involves working with incoming requests. It is comfortable to systematize and analyze the information received from customers, to maintain and increase the sales of services or goods.

Outgoing telemarketing activates sales using the data obtained by the seller when dealing with potential or existing customers.


Outgoing call specialist


Outgoing call specialist

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Active phone sales - effective way to increase the profits of the business

Active phone sales today present the most demanded tool for increasing business revenue. Company operator, engaged in canvassing customers, convinces them of the need to purchase goods or services. In case of refusal he finds out the reason for this decision.

Analysis of the information obtained from phone sales helps to adjust effectively the sales methodology of goods and services, to make changes and improvements. Sometimes significant growth in sales is achieved due to minor improvements prompted by consumers themselves while interacting with salespeople.

Phone sales are also used to divide customers into groups according to their individual needs. This segmentation is important in the development of new product lines or services.

The following features can be used to isolate groups of consumers:

  • Geographic feature depicts the needs of people living in a particular region, country or locality. This method allows to complete sales outlets with goods that are in the greatest demand.
  • Demographic feature depicts the preferences of people based on their age, social, ethnic and other affiliations.
  • Professional feature is based on a study of the need for goods and services of natural and legal persons engaged in certain professional activities.

Ordering telemarketing in “Digital Technologies”, you receive a guaranteed quality service. We will ensure the growth of your company’s sales and become a source of objective information for the formation of business strategy.

The effectiveness of our services has been witnessed by dozens of clients from different Russian cities, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and many others. In addition, our price is highly competitive.

The main stages in telemarketing:

  • To call potential customers;
  • To give detailed information to a subscriber about the quality of the product, service content and conditions of its provision;
  • To process refusals received;
  • To set up an appointment with the decision maker (DM) of the conditions of sale;
  • To complete the sale.

The above sequence may be modified due to the specifics of goods, marketing strategy, scope of service or product, etc.

The result of “cold calling” is largely dependent not only on the information provided to the client, but also on the correct and professional delivery of information and an adequate response to the operator’s questions and buyer’s comments. The experienced personnel of our company has the professional skills of stress communication and will cope with this task highly efficiently and accurately.

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