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Maintaining and updating customer database contributes to a significant increase in business opportunities: quality of telephone and other interactive contacts increases sales, reduces the number of refusals and reduces costs, as well as improves customer satisfaction and increases his loyalty.

To solve the problem of forming and actualization of databases is better with the assistance of professional operators of contact center «Digital technologies». Qualified and experienced personnel of the call-center «Digital technologies» will perform the job quickly and accurately saving time and money of the client.

Updated customer information will help to organize an effective business management and planning of its further development.

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Maintaining customer database

The customer database is one of the most valuable assets for many companies. Contact center «Digital technologies» will help to attract and retain consumer audience. We take care of communication with customers from segments B2C and B2B to get them interested in your services and to organize long-term and fruitful cooperation.

We call down both current and former clients and potential customers. Our experts are ready to work with any number of contacts – from ten to thousands of phone numbers. By entrusting management of the customer database to us you can be sure that you will always have the flow of new and old customers and that you will have to worry only about one thing – how to make the cooperation with them most productive.

Calling down to customers and its advantages

Calling down to customers is just as important as the other ways of advertising promotion – print advertising, promotion on radio and TV, Internet marketing. The phone sales have a number of advantages.

Among them:

  • Direct contact with potential customer. Emails are often caught in spam, and many advertising leaflets are thrown out without even having been read. In a phone call, the subscriber is guaranteed to be informed about your company, and our specialists will make him interested in buying it.
  • Direct communication. The subscriber can immediately specify the details of the proposal, and call-center operator can remove the emerged objections.
  • Keeping the detailed report. The process of calling down the customers reports the number of calls processed, as well as the percentage of positive responses and the reasons for refusal. If necessary, there is an opportunity to introduce adjustments directly to the advertising campaign.

Database creation

If you are new on the market, you have to create a customer database from scratch. This is a difficult and stressful task, because most people take the new proposals with disbelief. Especially hard to convince them to make a choice in your favor, if they are already using services of the similar company. However, personnel of the contact center «Digital technologies» can fix this problem. Our employees successfully work with objections, and they will make the consumer audience to be interested in your offer.

Updating database

Updating database allows keeping customers and their purchases on a regular basis. If the consumer has already contacted the company and his phone is available in the database, then he should be immediately notified regarding the appearance of new products and proposals. In this case, the probability of a positive response is much higher than in case of searching for new customers. Updating the customer database allows us to determine the last inquiries, learn the objections of customers and work them out by offering more favorable conditions.

Request maintenance and updating of the customer database with our experts by calling the contact number, or by filling out an application online.

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