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Phone survey is one of the most commonly used tools for social and marketing research. The survey may be conducted over the phone – it accelerates making of surveys and reduces the costs of the research. The text of the questionnaire is prepared beforehand by analysts and marketers.

Phone surveys are used to determine the preferences and demands of potential and existing customers of the company and to study the buyer’s opinion about products or services of a particular company.

Contact center personnel conducting a telephone survey enters all data obtained in the form. The information can then be sorted by allocating subscriber groups with similar characteristics, such as having one age or gender.

Taking into account the results of the research, the companies prepare strategies to promote products or services, identify the most promising areas of business, as well as adjust to the business plans.

Professional phone survey is a multi-stage sequence of questions. Any of survey questions may change depending on the content of response to the preceding question. In some cases, the entire clusters may be dropped or inserted. Preparing such a survey is a laborious process, requiring skills and experience. However, the phone survey may bring the most effective results.

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Making professional surveys and questionnaire design by phone

«Digital technologies» offers companies and organizations making questionnaire design over the phone in a professional manner. Questioning customers by experienced specialists of our company, who have practical skills, will take much less time and will give the result of a higher quality than a research involving regular employees.

Fast and qualitative research is only possible in cooperation with company (call-center), which has a reputation proven in many years. There is no need in risk turning to smaller organizations that do not have work experience and recommendations of customers. As a rule, poor service costs more than what it saves.

The advantages of «Digital technologies» phone surveys:

  • The team of professionals: project managers, operators and programmers.
  • Minimum influence of the human factor due to the use of modern equipment and advanced software systems.
  • Guaranteed high reliability of the survey results.
  • Reduction in costs and pressure of work of the personnel of the customer.
  • Full and detailed report of the calls.
  • Quality survey of the service shop.

Order, preparation and conducting of survey

Order phone survey with the participation of our specialists by calling the contact number, or by filling out an application online.

For efficient organization of the survey manager of the company «Digital Technologies» will need information about the purpose of the survey, the target audience, the thematic focus of questions, etc. Experts of the company will take into account wishes of the customer in the process of preparation of the research and, if necessary, will make operational changes in the structure of the request and its strategy.

The customer can monitor the conduct of the survey at any point, and upon completion of the research obtain the results of the research in a convenient form.

We will provide reliable information that accurately characterizes the target consumer and provides the business with more accurately vision to determine the direction of development. The findings will help marketers assess the state and the advantages of the competitors, as well as to borrow their successful experience in attracting customers.

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