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You cannot cope with large inflow of calls, can you? Your customers cannot reach you, can they? If so, then you lose your customers. To remove this problem, call the contact-center for outsourcing. This service is in demand by big companies, as well as by small businesses that need to build communication with customers.

High-quality processing of incoming calls requires the involvement of a large number of employees and expensive high-tech equipment. The company “Digital technologies” takes care of handling telephone calls on conditions of outsourcing. This will significantly reduce your company expenses and dramatically increase the level of informing, as well as the efficiency of customer service.

Advantages of the service “call processing”:

  • Minimum waiting time of subscriber for the call-center operator.
  • High level of quality control services of contact center operators. All conversations are recorded during processing.
  • The subscriber has an option to choose: whether to listen the desired information record or switch to the operator.
  • User data and subscriber information are recorded in the database. This work leads to a significant increase in recurring purchases on customer database.
  • Flexible and convenient call forwarding system. Every operator can provide a specific configuration of call processing: some calls may come to mobile phones of employees, others can pass only to work phones.
  • Timely and guaranteed informing of customers about the conditions of sale of today, shares, etc.

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Call processing center - Call receiving

Call processing center is in high demand by companies in the field of customer service. Information processing plays important role here in increasing sales, as well as in planning the development of business. This service is not of less importance for the internet shops where many customers order by phone. «Digital Technologies» operators will process all the incoming calls quickly, professionally and effectively. Moreover, the project manager will submit a detailed report on the work accomplished.

Advantages for businesses from cooperating with «Digital Technologies»:

  • High-quality call handling by qualified personnel will cost less than any company’s own contact center.
  • The company is not bound to specific office and telephone number – the change of location of the organization will not lead to loss of customers.
  • Integration of all incoming calls to a single phone number.
  • Improving the company’s image and the loyalty of its customers.

Are you interested in fruitful cooperation with «Digital technologies»? Do you need more information about our services? Please contact us by phone, and the manager will advise you on any specific question and tell you about our rates.

The company «Digital Technologies» offers a wide range of outsourcing services. All the details are in the story.

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