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Primary link for conducting inbound and outbound sales for various business areas

Organize additional and purified customer traffic to your company!

  • We will accept and filter out non-targeted incoming requests
  • We will attract new and wholesale customers to increase sales
  • We integrate with CRM systems and Customer software
  • We will provide a personal account and transparent statistics

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More and more companies and organizations are using services of the outsourcing call-center in order to optimize their costs. Transferring call-center to outsourcing significantly reduces company’s cost of maintaining qualified personnel and the high-tech equipment, as well as increases the level of sales of goods and services.

Transfer your call-center to outsorsing raising your business to new levels

If your company intends to set a call-center, but you do not have this possibility because of limited finances or the premises are limited, then the outsourcing call-center, which can be rented in a company called «Digital technologies», might be of real help for you.

Switching to outsource call-center is primarily good to save money. After all, if you decide to set it at home, you will have to buy expensive equipment and necessary furniture and hire employees. In cooperation with our company, you can avoid all these difficulties – in the shortest possible time the well-equipped outsourcing contact center will be at your disposal.

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Renting the work place

It is no secret that today, as renting the workplace can be a problem, demand exceeds supply, the city is actively developing, and new businesses are constantly emerging. Therefore, if you do not want to spend much time searching the premises and selecting technical equipment for the call-center, renting a workplace from the company «Digital Technologies» is what you are looking for.

The benefits of renting the workplace from us:

  • Ability to start work very quickly. We have a large number of absolutely ready workplaces;
  • Renting out call-center operators in our company or employing your own personnel. We are ready to hold briefing for your personnel – at your choice;
  • High level of technical equipment and the ability to use your equipment;
  • Easy change of the number of the workplaces – you can always rent extra or give up some.

Workplaces for operators

We will provide the workplaces for operators quickly, so you do not have to worry because of the delays in running the business. The workspace can be optimized according to your wishes for all personnel to be at ease. We will help you to set up the activities of your new department without large expenses.

Renting the call-center

For customers renting out the call-center is the ability to understand if the company needs its own center to receive and process calls or can do without it. If you surely need a call-center, but you can’t buy all the necessary equipment, then our proposal will be very interesting. You will be able to decide, whether you want to work with us on a regular basis, buy your own equipment or otherwise give up telephoning with customers. However, seeing increased profits at low cost due to the introduction of this service, you are likely to stop at the first option.

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