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Professional processing and distribution of incoming applications on a turnkey basis

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Most entrepreneurs who start a business for the delivery of passengers or goods cannot afford to install a full-scale unit for dispatchers. To arrange this service, you need an expensive equipment and costly software. Using budgetary equipment with low productivity contributes to an outflow of customers and a drop in demand for the services provided.

Dispatch service on conditions of outsourcing is the optimal solution to increase the quality of the service to customers significantly and to save money for the development of other areas of business.

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Dispatch service from our company

Dispatch service from «Digital Technologies» is a service that allows you to efficiently process the entire volume of inbound customer’ calls to the company. Dispatch service on conditions of outsourcing ensures quality processing of all applications, even when they arrive simultaneously. Receiving and processing calls in such a way is particularly relevant for companies with periodic peak loads – evening hours for a taxi, weekends and lunch hours for companies that deliver food, pastries and culinary products.

Modern equipment, advanced software systems and qualified personnel of the call-center will create conditions for the preservation of the existing customers of your company, as well as increase their loyalty and attract new customers.

Main customers of the dispatch  service on the conditions of outsourcing:

  • Companies engaged in delivery of passengers;
  • Enterprises with express delivery of goods;
  • Large flower shops;
  • Cafes, restaurants, luxury cookeries and grocery shops that deliver goods to houses or to clients’ offices.

Ordering dispatch services in the company «Digital Technologies», you will raise the level of customer service and create an excellent basis for successful business growth. Applying individual approach to the customer, our company offers two options for maintenance to the businesses and to the organizations. First, it is a full-scale support for customer calls. Secondly, it is a budget version of the service that provides the connection of employees of «Digital Technologies» to receive phone calls during the hours when the customer experts cannot cope with the load.

Organization of dispatch service is best when it is entrusted to the professional call-center «Digital Technologies». Company personnel, using the database of the programs 1C and CRM-system of the client, will acutely and quickly accept and process the application, check the availability and amount of goods in stock, send the customer an invoice for payment and  transfer the  order for further execution.

Choosing the service from the company «Digital Technologies», you increase the attractiveness of your business for customers and the competitiveness of your business.

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