Contact Center Services

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Dispatch service – prices for services

от 20 500 rub

Virtual secretary – call center service

от 10 000 rub

Processing of outgoing calls and receiving the incoming calls

от 9 rub

8-800 phone numbers

от 10 000 rub

Omnichannel solutions

от 3 600 rub

Telemarketing – the service “phone sales”

WHAT IS TELEMARKETING? Telemarketing is one of the most widely used method of modern marketers. Its essence is to increase sales during telephone communication. Telemarketing is divided into incoming and...
от 17 500 rub

Sales outsorsing (call-center) – renting contact center

от 9 rub

Cold telemarketing – cold calling

от 9 rub

Customer phone survey and questionnaire design

от 9 rub

Maintenance and actualization of customer database

от 10 660 rub
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