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Dispatch service – prices for services

Most entrepreneurs who start a business for the delivery of passengers or goods cannot afford to install a full-scale unit for dispatchers. To arrange this service, you need an expensive…

от 20 500 rub

Virtual secretary – call center service

Can you not afford a full-time professional who will respond to calls and messages? “Virtual secretary” is a service for you. The service is suitable for companies that do not…

от 10 000 rub

Processing of outgoing calls and receiving the incoming calls

You cannot cope with large inflow of calls, can you? Your customers cannot reach you, can they? If so, then you lose your customers. To remove this problem, call the…

от 10 000 rub

8-800 phone numbers

8-800-ххх-х-ххх phone numbers make calls for your customers from any place in Russia via mobile and landline phones. A 8-800-xx-xx-xxxx phone number is an indispensable attribute of a company of…

от 10 000 rub

Omnichannel solutions

Omnichannel solutions refer to the integration of different channels of communication with clients into a single communication system. With omnichannel solutions in place, you are able to receive customer requests…

от 3 600 rub

Telemarketing – the service “phone sales”

WHAT IS TELEMARKETING? Telemarketing is one of the most widely used method of modern marketers. Its essence is to increase sales during telephone communication. Telemarketing is divided into incoming and…

от 17 500 rub

Sales outsorsing (call-center) – renting contact center

More and more companies and organizations are using services of the outsourcing call-center in order to optimize their costs. Transferring call-center to outsourcing significantly reduces company’s cost of maintaining qualified…

от 22 500 rub

Cold telemarketing – cold calling

“Cold calling” helps to sell and promote goods and services to a wide range of customers. “Digital Technologies” company has been providing “cold telemarketing” services to organizations for more than…

от 20 000 rub

Customer phone survey and questionnaire design

Phone survey is one of the most commonly used tools for social and marketing research. The survey may be conducted over the phone – it accelerates making of surveys and reduces…

от 10 000 rub

Maintenance and actualization of customer database

Maintaining and updating customer database contributes to a significant increase in business opportunities: quality of telephone and other interactive contacts increases sales, reduces the number of refusals and reduces costs,…

от 10 660 rub
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