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Omnichannel solutions refer to the integration of different channels of communication with clients into a single communication system. With omnichannel solutions in place, you are able to receive customer requests from your website chat, social networks, messengers (Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp), feedback forms, chatbots and e-mail.

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The key benefits of omnichannel solutions

  • Increased convenience for customers as they get a chance to switch from from one communication channel to another at any time without losing the communication history or the orders placed.
  • More time saved and call center operator costs reduced as servicing costs go down for customer companies thanks to the procedure of request handling being optimized.
  • More detailed information for customers divided per communication channel to identify the channel of communication most often used by customers with a view to pinpoint problems in the other channels employed.

With omnichannel solutions in place, you will be able to achieve the desired outcomes while also ensuring first-class experience no matter which communication channel is used.

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